The Cafedesart brand is the heir to the tradition of the long-established Bianchini Italian Art Design company

Cafedesart owes its existence to the lengthy experience gained by Bianchini Italian Art Design throughout over half a century in the furnishing world. Thanks to the expertise acquired and the sound company structure, we are able to meet all types of project requirements, in both the contract and private markets.  

Cafedesart is able to satisfy the needs of designers, showrooms, private customers and anyone seeking a fabulous look for their settings.

Cafedesart knows no limits, and our services are able to meet any project requirement and satisfy any style desire


Cafedesart can bring a unique allure to everything from a private villa to a personal living space.


Quality international supplies can be provided, with support and timely delivery guaranteed


Workspaces and business areas in breath-taking style


Working hand in hand with designers to support creativity

Cafedesart is the maximum expression of Italian taste and contemporary style.

Cafedesart’s enchanting, top-flight finishes, painstaking attention to detail and splendid materials shape a world of beauty: with all the credibility guaranteed by the history of Bianchini Italian Art Design

If you want to stand out, choose something different.

Cafedesart offers a fresh take on contemporary and modern style canons, enriching them with unique elements. From the lengthy craftsmanship experience of Bianchini Italian Art Design, today international style has a new icon.

Admire the shape of luxury

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