Project billiard room

An exclusive setting, given a sublime style allure thanks to Cafedesart

The Biliard Room project embodies all the versatility of Cafedesart, and its ability to express elegance and luxury.

In this most prestigious of rooms, unique materials are shaped as one to enhance a furnishing solution with a markedly contemporary style.

The Billiard Room is all about geometries with a simple elegance.

In this assertive design, the depth afforded by the dark wood offers a counterpoint to the pale-coloured fabrics. The key element is Cafedesart’s ability to complement the setting, with a personalised billiard table, chairs and cupboards that seem to blend naturally with the room itself.

Recurring theme

The materials recur throughout the room, bringing the various elements together, with inlaid wood the leitmotiv featured from the walls to the billiard table, where the slanted leg brings a dynamic touch to the distinctively simple, clean-cut design of the room.

Smooth, elegant style

The smooth edges of the cupboards and the graceful legs of the chair, softened by the fabric, form a counterpoint to the vertical nature of the remaining elements, creating a beautifully harmonious whole where the accent is on elegance.

The central role of the billiard table

In this room, the majestic billiard table is, naturally, the key element, with its importance highlighted by the careful use of dark wood and inlay work, contrasting with the light colour of the baize. The Art Deco inspiration is evident in the sturdy, slanting legs, which temper the perpendicularity of the element.

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