Project mountain chalet

Cafedesart brings nature into living spaces

A chalet nestled amid nature to the extent it appears to form a seamless whole with the mountains.

The use of wood echoes the forests, while the pale colours recall the snow following copiously all around. Cafedesart designs a living space with a rigorous, noble allure.

A personal, intimate setting with a sublime beauty.

Cafedesart turns the chalet into a delightfully secluded retreat, replete with beautifully tasteful furnishings. The warmth of the fire is amplified by the wood and metals, while the padded elements offer a uniquely welcoming sensation.

A look at the essentials

No frills, nothing superfluous: Cafedesart offers an immaculately linear, geometric style, with the slender design of the armchairs recalling the insert of the central padded element.

Particularly appealing is the inlay work on the element next to the sofas, with its clean-cut shape embellished by the patterns of the wood grain.

In harmony with nature, where wood meets the snow

Respect for the surrounding nature, with which it forms a perfectly smooth whole: Cafedesart places the chalet at one with the mountain. The vertical lines and the dynamism of the inlay work shape a living, breathing, natural sensation, while the soft padded elements recall the fluffy texture of the snow.

Innate versatility

Cafedesart is perfect for filling every corner of every room in the chalet, thanks to its innate versatility. With their supremely pure, timeless style, Cafedesart elements slot seamlessly into the setting, as if it were their natural home, offering endless combinations, all of them astoundingly impressive.

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