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Do you love the vintage vibe of the 60s? Our modular open bookcase in wood with 4 metal uprights is perfect to give your home a retro allure. Fill the painted shelves with books in a brushed bronze finish. Customisable on request.

The elegance of a modular wooden bookcase inspired by the 1960s

Anni 60 is the perfect painted metal bookcase for your home. Our 60s open bookcase in wood is a combination of beauty and comfort. Made of metal and finished in bronze, this wall-mounted bookcase is inspired by the 60s vibe. Elegant, comfortable and perfect for both the bedroom and living room, its clean geometries create a minimalist and clean environment, while also acting as a room divider. Use this bookcase to divide up spaces in your home and store books and vintage objects for a vintage and unforgettable touch. And you want more? Our 60s can be custom-designed to suit the needs of your home! Contact Cafedesart's designers to define the bookcase's dimensions, details, materials and colours and have a unique piece of art in your home.

Where to place the 60s open bookcase to make it the star of your home

An open bookcase in metal and paint can change the look of your home. A modular bookcase of this type can indeed divide, create space and new rooms, but it can also create a new focal point by decorating it with books, plants, vases and vintage accessories to amplify the retro vibes of this high-design piece of furniture!

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Dimensions 212 × 45 × 270 cm
Finitura / Materiale

Metal elements, Suede Zebrano

According to the high customization possibility of its furniture, Bianchini s.r.l. reserves the right to modify product information without notice.